Cool Websites for Job, School, and Career Information

Key to successful career and life planning are knowing yourself well, researching your options and being well-prepared. The internet has a wealth of tools and information to help you with these tasks. Following are a few suggested sites.

Career Exploration

Wondering what job is right for you? Here are several websites that give employment trends, career information, ideas for planning, etc.
  • Career Clusters - Career Clusters were designed to help students successfully transition from school to careers by connecting education to the world of work. Pathways within each cluster identify the knowledge and skills needed by students to meet the demands of further education and the expectation of employers. Use the clusters to explore a wide range of career choices, and discover how your educational choices relate to your career goal

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics- information for students from US Dept. of Labor
  • Salary Information- regional and national trends, calculation and comparision tools
  • O*Net-interactive occupational information
  • Mapping Your Future-career and college money management advice
  • Vocational Information Center - resources for technical education and related vocational learning
  • Engineer Your Life - for high school girls who want to learn more about the life and work of engineers

NH and VT Resources

Job Opportunities

Job Application Skills

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