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Junior Achievement Titan: Students Explore Operating a Business

During the fall of 2008, ten Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC) Seniors participated in the Junior Achievement (JA) Titan Program, a seven-week business curriculum and on-line simulation. Guided by former Kearney National VP, Chet Gadzinsky, students explored firsthand how their classroom lessons apply in a business setting.
JA Titan is a program designed to help high school students understand the basic concepts of managing a business by making decisions about production, pricing, marketing, research and development, capital investments, and charitable giving. Student teams apply key theories to their management decisions while operating their fictional business simulation of hologram generators. Students began the simulation by making business decisions that competed against each other, then against students in other schools, culminating in a regional semi-final event.

The HACTC students enjoyed “the fact that it brought aspects of real life business to our class,” and “learning about investing in a product.” One Senior noted that JA Titan prepared them for college and allowed them to further explore their business interest as a career path. JA Titan participants agreed that this program should be offered to more students.
The JA Titan program was brought to HACTC through a partnership between Upper Valley Business and Education Partnership (UVBEP) and JA of New Hampshire, and a Career Exploration grant from the Vermont Department of Labor’s Next Generation Fund.

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