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Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth Program
For the third summer in a row, the Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth Program included UVPEB as an intergral component of its curriculum. Designed to expand the educational opportunities for promising high school students from selected under-resourced urban and rural high schools, SEAD brought two cohorts to the Dartmouth campus this summer, and each goup spent an afternoon touring Upper Valley workplaces of interest to them.
With its students from such widely ranging locales as Oakland, CA, Claremont, NH and the Bronx, SEAD intentionally designs its programs to expand students'
conceptions of what is possible in their lives. By partnering with UVBEP, SEAD
focues its students' thinking about the variety of jobs open to them, and the
requisite skills and educational levels required to secure these jobs.

Students visited Clear Channel, Pike Industries, DHMC, the Co-op Food Stores,
Tele Atlas, CRELL, the CCBA and the Hanover Police and Fire departments. Their
evaluations attest to just how eye-opening an experience it was: whether the
students left excited to do that particular job, convinced they have no interest
in it, or simply armed with more questions to ask, they arrived back on campus
better prepared to continue exploring the right career paths.


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