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Growing Bones 101 with Stryker Biotech

For the third consecutive spring, two Stryker Biotech volunteers taught freshmen students about bone morphogenetic proteins, regenerative medicine, and a little something about life. Not your typical freshmen science class. This past May, by inviting Tamsen Snyder and Josh Johnson, two employees at Stryker Biotech, into the classroom to make Learn to Earn presentations about their jobs, science teacher Mike Anikis helped open the door to biomedical technology for his first-year students.The Upper Valley Business and Education Partnership (UVBEP) recruits pairs of local business professionals to make Learn to Earn presentations at high schools throughout the Upper Valley, and trains them to teach about emerging fields of work in an engaging and age-appropriate way. Stryker volunteers dedicate an entire day each spring to Lebanon High School science classes and make dynamic presentations, focusing on relating the high school science curriculum to the field of technology.

The presentations, which emphasize the importance of math, science, and technology in the workplace, include PowerPoint presentations and an interactive component where a member of the audience was invited to help demonstrate the complex robing process for Stryker Biotech workers on the manufacturing floor. The company, located in West Lebanon, is a leader in engineering and production of a special protein that induces the formation of bone and cartilage, frequently used in orthopedic surgery. They grow bones! And Mr. Johnson and Ms. Snyder used the students’ excitement to encourage they consider taking higher-level math and science classes, as well as to emphasize the importance of strong communication skills, in any field. By having real professionals in the biotechnology field share their stories, the path from high school science class to a career in engineering, product marketing, or orthopedic surgery is illuminated. The Stryker volunteers also stressed the good that their work does. Improving quality of life for people with debilitating injuries is their chief motivation.

UVBEP partners with Navicate out of Burlington, VT, to bring the Learn to Earn program to Upper Valley students. To schedule a presentation at your school, or to volunteer as a business presenter contact UVBEP for details.

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