National Programs Available to Schools


Lunar Challenge *NEW Parent-Involvement Program*: Capitalizing on current national space science initiatives for its simulation theme, this hands-on, inquiry-based program brings parent-child teams (grades 4-8) together during four sessions with a teacher/facilitator and community mentors to design the first lunar colony. The interdisciplinary content targets systems thinking, the use of models and workplace readiness skills. Portfolios and embedded assessment tools support district literacy and evaluation goals. Lunar Challenge is a Challenger Center for Space Science Education program developed and managed by EDNOVATIONS, LLC.

Project Lead the Way is a pre-engineering and engineering technology program. The program forms partnerships between public schools, higher education and the private sector.

The Cisco Networking Academy Program was designed and is sponsored by Cisco Systems, the world's biggest Internet networking company. It is an international web of school-based academies designed to prepare students for hi-tech operations, with a focus on teaching computer networking.

A World in Motion is a program developed and distributed by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Curricula for 4th through 8th grades are available to promote math and science literacy. A classroom teacher partners with an engineer or scientist who volunteers in the classroom and SAE provides instruction kits. The UVBEP office has sample kits, videos and curricula for previewing.

TECH CORPTM is a national, non-profit organization dedicate to enhancing K-12 teaching and learning through the effective use of technology. TECH CORPS identifies schools that want help making technology an integral part of the education process; then recruits technologically adept volunteers from the local community and match their expertise with each schools particular needs.

webTeacher is a comprehensive, interactive, 80-hour, self-guided tutorial, available to teachers free over the Internet. Created by teachers, it helps educators master the Internet and integrate new technologies into student learning. Using the flexible, step-by-step approach of webTeacher, teachers learn how to navigate the Internet, link to some of the best educational web sites, develop lesson plans, create their own home pages, receive valuable tips on Internet safety and more. (A partnership of the Cable Television Industry and TECH CORPS.)


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