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What is Learn to Earn?

UVBEP, School & Business Partner Roles

What is the cost to our school?

Upper Valley L2E Participants

How do interested teachers or businesses sign up for L2E?

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Navicate: Learn to Earn


“Students were engaged by having different faces in the room and a change of routine. We really appreciate that these young professionals are willing to take a risk and present to our students – it is something the kids remember.” – Participating Teacher

What is Learn to Earn?

Learn to Earn (L2E) offers a way for high school students to learn more about emerging fields of work while encouraging them to cater their coursework to these opportunities. Business volunteers lead dynamic classroom presentations and in which they discuss the importance of math, science, communication and technology coursework.

These individuals receive quality training on how to engage high school youth using a hands-on demonstration to illustrate how high school subjects are used daily in the workplace. Through L2E, students are able to learn not only about emerging careers in the abstract sense, but are also able to relate what they are learning to an actual person with unique and real experiences. L2E also encourages students to consider a career in fields such as healthcare, sales, community and social services, high-tech and information technology, and manufacturing and engineering occupations, and attempts to ensure students’ perceptions of those fields are accurate. UVBEP encourages business volunteers and teachers to work together to customize presentations to mutually match the schools’ and employers’ objectives.

A key factor in the program’s success is reaching students when they are planning their coursework for the next semester. Much of the program’s efforts, therefore, focus on the fall and winter before students are making course selections in spring.

UVBEP partners with Navicate out of Burlington, VT, to bring L2E programs to Upper Valley high schools.

“Learn to Earn provides technology exposure that many students do not have the opportunity to have.” – Participating Teacher

UVBEP, School and Business Roles:

UVBEP’s Role:

  • Recruit two-person teams from Upper Valley employers to make quality
    classroom presentations to high school freshmen.
  • Conduct presenter training and practice sessions.
  • Seek feedback from students, presenters and teachers.
  • Report evaluation data to the school and Navicate.

School’s Role:

Designate a contact person at the school to:

  • Determine which classrooms will receive presentations.
  • Be available by phone or email to schedule presentations.
  • Be present during presentations to assist/facilitate as needed.
  • Collect student and teacher evaluations and return to UVBEP.

Business’ Role:

  • Designate team(s) of two individuals (ideally male/female) to make presentations
  • Participate in program orientation with a UVBEP staff member.
  • Draft, polish and practice presentation, especially “hands-on” portion.
  • Connect directly with school contact to schedule presentation times prior to sophomore course selection.

What is the cost to our school?

As with other established UVBEP programs, participating schools and communities need to provide matching funding for L2E or other programs to continue. UVBEP provides L2E to Full Partner Schools at no additional cost. Thanks to a GEAR UP grant through Navicate and VSAC, UVBEP can also provide L2E at select schools in the Bradford, Springfield and Upper Valley regions.   Please contact UVBEP for details.

Upper Valley Participants


Chittenden Bank ('10)

Competitive Computers, Inc. ('02,'03)

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center ('01,'02 '03,'04,'10)

Dartmouth Printing Company ('03)

ANSYS (formerly Fluent, Inc.)
('01,'02, '07)

Engineering Ventures ('10)

GeoDesign ('04, '05)

Hypertherm, Inc.

inkjetmall.com ('02)

Leading Edge Design Group ('12)

Lynne Walker Design Studio ('02, '05)

Mascoma Corporation ('10)

Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Center
('01, '02, '04, '06, '08, '09)

Olympus Biotech
(formerly Stryker) ('08, '09, '10, '11, '12)

Optimum Manufacturing Corporation ('02)

Stephens Precision Manufacturing ('05, '09)

Tally Systems, Inc. ('02)

Tom Tom, Inc. (formerly Tele Atlas, GDT) ('01,'02,'03,'04,'05,'06,'07,'08,'09,'10,'11,'12)

Timken Aerospace ('06,'08,'09)

Thayer School of Engineering ('01)

XeniumGroup ('02, '05)


Chelsea Public School ('10, '11,'12,'13)

Hanover High School
('01, '02, '04, '06, '07, '09)

Hartford High School

Lebanon High School
('01,'02,'03,'04,'05 '06,'07,'08,'09,'10,'11)

Mascoma Valley Regional High School ('03)
Oxbow High School ('02,'08,'09,10,'12,'13)

Rivendell Academy
('02,'03'04,'05,'06, '08, '09, '10,'11,'12,'13)

South Royalton School ('10,'11)

Stevens High School ('03,'04)

Thetford Academy ('02,'05)

Windsor High School ('01,'02, '03,'04,'05)

Woodstock Union High School ('01,'02,'04)


"It was a worthwhile look at communication in the workplace and a wonderful
opportunity for the ninth graders to get a glimpse of the varied job
descriptions and the paths that Hypertherm associates took to get to their current positions." -High School Guidance Counselor

How do interested teachers or businesses sign up for L2E?

To schedule a Learn to Earn presentation at your school, to volunteer as a business presenter, or to find out more information about L2E programs, contact us.

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