Summer Externship Program

A summer Extern gains hands-on experience
in video production at a local employer.

"Why do I have to learn this?"

Students frequently ask teachers this question.

Every summer, Upper Valley educators have the opportunity to find the answer. As an Extern, they spend one or two weeks working in local organizations. Employers receive skilled assistance with projects and educators gain valuable experience and career information to add relevance to the classroom.



Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:
Summer 2015 RVCC Machine Tool Externship Program

The Upper Valley Business and Education Partnership is excited to collaborate with River Valley Community College to facilitate a Summer Externship Program. This special opportunity will enable local guidance counselors to bring valuable insight on the Machine Tool Pathway back to their schools.

What is an Externship?

While an internship enables a student to gain experience in a career field they are aspiring to, an Externship gives educators an opportunity to enhance their current professions by experiencing workplaces outside of the school. Externs are paired with local employers based on mutual interests and reciprocal benefits. Externships last a minimum of one 40-hour week. Upon completion of the program requirements, Externs receive a $600/week stipend and a professional development certificate of participation.

Examples of Externs' Experiences and Results:

Who can participate?

2015 RVCC Machine Tool Pathway Summer Externships are open to K-12 educators from NH and VT schools. Those who have already participated in a past UVBEP Externship may also apply.

What is the purpose?

Professional development in local workplaces expands the understanding of how academic and technical skills are applied in jobs and careers. Based on their experiences as Externs, educators can better demonstrate to students the relevance of classroom learning. Externships open communication between educators and employers and foster continuing, beneficial

Benefits to Educators
  • Answer students' commonly asked question, "Why do I have to learn this? "
  • Acquire direct knowledge of today's workplace and career requirements
  • Gain experience in today's changing business and industry environments
  • Design curriculum and teaching strategies to reflect actual skill requirements
  • Return to the classroom with creative ideas to help students succeed with their career decisions
  • What educators are saying...
Benefits to Employers
  • A chance to let educators know what skills are necessary in
  • Externs can provide expertise to assist your organization with specific projects
  • Gain an outside point-of-view from an Extern that brings new ideas to your organization
  • Access a skilled a labor market to work on short-term or on-going projects
  • What employers are saying...
Applying for an Externship

Educators intersted in particpating in the Summer 2015 RVCC Machine Tool Externship Program begin the application process by completing an interest indicator.

Offering an Externship opportunity

Participating employers have found Externs' assistance invaluable for short-term projects. Employers tell the UVBEP that important projects are often left undone because regular staff cannot afford to take the time to complete them. Hosts find the Extern's ability to focus on a single project for a brief time useful. In addition to working on specific projects, some workplaces integrate the Extern's skills into daily operations. Because the Externship takes place during the summer, some employers find the extra assistance valuable when managing workloads during staff vacations. Also, most employers enjoy the opportunity to gain an outside perspective on internal operations. Please review examples from past Externships and contact us for ideas for how your workplace can participate in this mutually beneficial program!

Participating schools fund the program facilitation fee and participating employers reimburse the Extern's stipend of $600 plus payroll expenses per 40-hour week. The Extern's stipend is processed through the school business office so employers do not need to establish payroll for a one or two week experience. Externs are covered by the schools' Workers Compensation insurance. The UVBEP invoices employers for reimbursement upon completion of the Externship.

Steven Dayno, Lyme School Teacher, worked
at Geographic Data Technology to help draft a
community involvement plan for the company.
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