Youth@Work: Talking Safety
A Workplace Safety Workshop for Teens

Did you know that over 200,000 teens are injured at work annually, and over half of these injuries require emergency room treatment? Yet, surveys indicate that safety at work is one of the last things teens worry about. (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)

Youth at Work: Talking Safety is a hands-on workshop for teaching high school students about occupational health and safety. The curriculum was developed by the Massachusetts Department of Health and the Children’s Safety Network, Education Development Center, Inc., with the participation and insight of students from several high schools.

Through the use of teamwork, games, role-play, and a video made by teens for teens, the following topics are covered:

  • Identifying potential health and safety hazards in the workplace
  • Understanding how hazards can be controlled and injuries prevented
  • Health and safety rights for workers
  • Youth labor laws
  • Strategies for communicating with supervisors regarding workplace safety problems

The workshop can be presented in its entirety or in parts (for example, one 2.5 hour session, two 75-minute sessions or five 30 -minute sessions).

Download the free, state-specific curriculum.

Periodically, UVBEP offers train-the-trainer sessions to interested Partner School staff members who would like to learn more about the curriculum or see parts of the workshop demonstrated. Contact us for more information.



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