STEM Presentations

STEM Skills in Demand

STEM1Changing workforce demands require a greater fluency in Science Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Traditional jobs increasingly integrate new technologies while high-demand and high-growth jobs are trending toward advanced STEM skills. UVBEP’s STEM Presentations connect high school students with business leaders to expose youth to the changing requirements of the workplace and provide ways to show how their interests may link to opportunities available within our community.

“Students became aware of how the math and science in school are relevant to jobs. They also became more familiar with a local, yet national, company that exists right in their own community.”  - Classroom Teacher

STEM Presentations for 9th Grade Students

STEM2STEM Presentations are offered as part of UVBEP’s Continuum of Career Development available to students in grades K-12. The program is timed to reach students early in high school as they select course options, pursue career and technology education and consider a range of post-secondary opportunities. Early exposure to skills used in STEM fields informs student decision-making as they navigate their career and education pathways.


“I thought the presentation was cool, I learned a lot about how many different jobs there can be in one workplace.”  - High School Student

STEM Presentations Connect Employers to Schools

STEM3UVBEP recruits and trains teams of business people who deliver STEM Presentations emphasizing the importance of both career-specific skills as well as transferable skills. Presenters lead engaging hands-on activities, enabling students to practice STEM skills as they may occur in the workplace. Presenters discuss the work environment, job requirements and the opportunities within their organization. As positive role models for youth, presenters detail their own career journeys and highlight a variety of pathways to success to appeal to a wide demographic of students.

“Our hope is to give you perspective on what we have done, to help inform you on your school and career planning.”  - Volunteer Presenter


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