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Listed below are grant opportunities for teachers, schools and school-business partnerships.

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College Access Challenge Program Mini Grant Opportunity We are pleased to offer you an opportunity to apply for a mini grant of up to $750 to assist with funding for activities aimed at encouraging underrepresented students to access higher education.

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Christina Cassella
Campus Compact for NH

Rolling Do Something, a not-for-profit organization that works to inspire, support, and celebrate young social entrepreneurs and community activists, is accepting applications for the following grant programs:

Do Something and GameStop are offering grants of $500 each to young people, age 25 and younger, in the U.S. or Canada who have a great idea for a community-action project and need support to turn their idea into reality. GameStop grants are given out weekly.

Do Something and Plum TV are offering grants of $500 each to social entrepreneurs, age 25 and younger, in the U.S. who have recently created a sustainable project, program, or organization and need funding to further the growth and success of their program. Plum TV grants are given out weekly.
September 1 and March 1, annually
(Letters of Inquiry)
Youth Literacy Through its Giving Voice program, the Starbucks Foundation , a philanthropic vehicle of the Starbucks Coffee Company, will fund programs for youth, ages 6-18, that integrate literacy with personal and civic action in the communities where they live.

The Starbucks Foundation invites Letters of Inquiry from qualifying organizations that work with underserved youth in one of two areas: 1) Arts & Literacy -- programs that innovatively address literacy and learning for the 21st century, provide high standards of excellence in mastering basic skills, and promote youth voices through a variety of venues; and 2) Environmental Literacy -- programs that offer place-based approaches to addressing environmental literacy and empower youth to be heroes for a sustainable environment in their own communities. Grants range from $5,000 to $20,000
Rolling Digi-Block, Inc. a developer of math education materials and the Digi-Block program, is accepting grant applications for professional development workshops led by Harvard mathematician and Digi-Block founder, Dr. Elon Kohlberg. This first-time grant is open to all educators focused on mathematics in pre-K to grade six.
Kohlberg's presentation covers a comprehensive examination of whole numbers, from place value and number sense through the development of algorithms for all four operations. Kohlberg also examines why so many young children encounter difficulty in learning math and how roadblocks to understanding affect their future success in mathematics.
  Breaking Down Barriers to Assistive Technology Grant from Premier Assistive Technology, Inc. We are committed to providing you the most effective and affordable assistive technology products available in the world today. We established this grant program in 2002 to help bridge the gap between education budgets and the need for educational organizations to deploy sufficient resources to serve the needs and requirements of special education programs. In this spirit, the lowest level of grant awarded is for an entire school. (Grants to individuals, single departments or "for profit" companies are not awarded). This grant will give you the right to install the suite of software on EVERY PC IN YOUR ORGANIZATION.This is truly a grant. There are no current or future obligations for your organization to pay any monies to Premier Assistive Technology to use the programs for the versions being granted to you. After the grant period has expired (all or part of a school year), there will be an optional, but very nominal maintenance fee (a fraction of the total grant value) that you can pay to entitle you to future product releases, technical support, company communications, etc.
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