School Partners

"The Upper Valley Business Education Partnership provides linkages and partnerships with businesses that go far beyond the original contact. Schools alone just cannot provide these unique opportunities for relevant career development experiences. What a deal!" - Superintendent

"The Upper Valley Business Education Partnership represents one of the most important avenues for educational reform. It provides an opportunity for authentic learning activities for students. The school-business connection is a vehicle for helping students apply academics to real world experiences. This reinforces and promotes higher achievement by giving learning a meaningful context." - Superintendent


Schools have options to provide funding and receive services at different levels. For more information about becoming a school partner, please contact us.

Full Service Partner Schools

Fee-per-Service Partner Schools

  • Crossroads Academy--Lyme, NH
  • Lebanon Middle School--Lebanon, NH
  • Thetford Academy--Thetford, VT
  • River Valley Community College--Claremont, NH

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