Benefits of Participation

Benefits to employers vary depending on the program and level of participation.

Participating employers can:

  • demonstrate a tangible commitment to supporting and improving the community;
  • increase name recognition in the community;
  • show students career opportunities available in our own community;
  • influence K-12 curriculum to better address the needs of workplaces;
  • demonstrate to students and educators the skills required of the future workforce;
  • increase the community's understanding of business and the local economy;
  • use youth mentoring as a tool for staff development;
  • create a feeling of personal satisfaction that comes from mentoring a young person;
  • access personnel to work on short-term or on-going projects (student interns, teacher externs);
  • improve productivity of entry-level workers; and
  • promote employee morale and pride in their jobs by giving them a chance to share what they do for a living with students and educators.
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